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Hebei Zhongran Pipefitting Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, has many years of experience in the production of professional pipe fittings. It was established after the shareholding reform: Hebei Zhongran Pipefitting Co., Ltd.
The company is located in Yanshan, Hebei Province, which is known as the "China Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Base".The transportation is very convenient due to the Beijing-Tianjin in the north and the Huanghua Port in the east.With 20 years of hard work, Zhongran has been adhering to the management policy of "integrity and pragmatism, quality first". Now it has become a large-scale pipeline equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing pipeline equipment. The industry leader is moving forward.
The registered capital of the company is 58 million yuan. It has fixed assets of 230 million yuan and a working capital of 120 million yuan. It covers an area of ​​80,000 square meters and a building area of ​​50,000 square meters. The company has 260 employees, including 5 senior engineers, 20 engineers and 160 professional technicians.
After years of exploration, the company has formed a set of unique and advanced scientific management mode within the company, with business department, marketing department, sales department, purchasing department, production department, administrative department, quality inspection department and technical department. Functional departments such as testing center, finance department, human resources department, party branch, archives office, office and trade union committee.
The company has strong technical strength and annual production capacity of 36,000 tons. It can be manufactured and produced: elbow, tee, reducer, flange, corrugated compensator (expansion joint), sleeve compensator, rotary compensator, non-metallic compensation Products, metal hoses, waterproof casings, rubber soft joints, expansion joints, insulated joints, power plant parts, hangers, filters, anti-corrosion insulation steel pipes and fittings. Products are used in marine, petroleum, petrochemical, marine, electric power, thermal, chemical, natural gas, urban engineering equipment, steel and other fields. Products sell well all over the country and exported to dozens of countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.
The company has elbow producing machine, drawing machine, three different diameter pipe type hydraulic machine, hot bending bending machine, molding machine, metal corrugated flexible rubber joint molding machine, lathe, punching machine, large flange welding machine, automatic longitudinal seam welder, shearing machine, winding machine, bending machine, anti-corrosion insulation production etc. more than 100 sets of equipment Companies focus on the production of equipment, hardware, facilities management, production equipment lag behind the upgrading. The new large production equipment double bend pressing machine two, can suppress DN1000 wall thickness 80mm high pressure elbow, filled the Yanshan pipeline manufacturing large-scale high-pressure elbow pressing production blank. New large seamless elbow pushing machine 1 units, seamless elbow production range increased to DN1000mm. The continuous upgrading of production equipment, expanding the scope of the companys business, effectively promote the rapid development of enterprises.
The company chemical testing center has advanced testing equipment more than 30 sets of chemical experiments, spectral analysis. material direct ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic powder, penetration, metal materials, mechanical properties, metallographic analysis, tensile test, impact test, pressure detection and other test items. In the advanced management mode, the testing center of precision testing equipment, strict control of product quality, Iso9001-2015 quality management system standards enforced, and to develop the quality objectives harsh, realized from the raw material into the plant, production and processing, to product the factory the whole process of quality inspection, the products are guaranteed quality
The appearance and performance of the products are closer to the National standards of European industrial modernization. Value advocates that "domestic goods, instead of imports," "implementing the strategy of domestic goods, representing the fundamental interests of users" is our unremitting goal and purpose.
In line with the idea that "what is always the last thing to be done, the competition is always the competition of comprehensive strength", the medium-fuel pipeline people always put technical progress and fine craftsmanship first, put product quality and user interests first, and develop in practice. Towards better, more refined and more economical.
Hebei Zhongran Pipefitting Co. Ltd. cordially look forward to your sincere cooperation and common development.

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