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Geometric volume:16.8m³
Chassis Brand: Sinotruk
Power:247/273 kW
By adopting Schwing patented rear seat technology, the whole fatigue life is increased by 2 times;Flexibly connecting sub-frame technology increases the overall stability by one time.
Original mixing blades of double log spiral continuous trace with changeable lift angle and changeable screw pitch and optimized auxiliary blades and pressure-reducing hole design ensure concrete adaptability and uniformity.
Drum and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, with service life increased by 30%;Hoppers and chutes adopt multilayer high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, and the inner liner plates adopt multilayer high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, which make the service life longer and performance more reliable.
Max. Reach Height:48m
Chassis: Mercedes-Benz / Howo / Sinotruk
More advanced boom structure technology ,More efficient rock valve pumping technology, Steadier stabilizer structure technology, Steadier reversing buffering technology, more reliable fully-hydraulic reversing technology, Ultra-low pressure loss hydraulic system technology, safer and smarter electrical control system.
Large diameter (260 mm) Φ, large displacement (170 / hour) pumping systems.
Material absorption can reach more than 85%.
The pumping system adopts electric control reversing, reversing faster and the system impact smaller. The actual pumping efficiency is more than 5% higher than the conventional hydraulic control reversing system.
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance:400M
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance:100M
XCMG HBT5008K Concrete pump is a construction equipment which conveys concrete by pressure through pipeline.
It is equipped with special pipeline.
It can continuously complete horizontal and vertical conveyance of concrete along pipeline.
It is an ideal kind of existing concrete conveyance equipment.
It combines the production of ready-mixed concrete with pumping construction and uses coagulation.
The soil mixing truck carries out intermediate operation, which can realize continuous pumping and pouring of concrete.
It is used for conveying concrete in large concrete projects.
Geometric Volume:60m³
Mixing Power:2*18.5kw
Mixing Capacity:1000 L
HZS60KY cement concrete mixing plant has the features of little area occupied, simple base, deliver fast easy to relocate and low energy consumption.
The components of HZS60KY concrete mixing plant are:
Storage, weighing and conveying system of aggregate;
Storage, weighing and conveying system of powder;
Water supply, weighing and discharging system;
Additive storage, supply and weighing system;
Mixing and dust-collecting system;
The main tower structure;
The pneumatic system;
The electric control system.
XCMG Brand Advantage
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