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Vibratory Drum Diameter:2130mm
Vibration Frequency:28/35Hz
Used in compaction work of base layer, sub-base layer and rock fill in roads, railways, airports, harbors, dams and industrial construction site.
CUMMINS Turbocharged watercooled engine has large power reserve and low fuel consumption.
High power radiator, applied to the high temperature region construction.
Heavy duty wet drive axle ensures driving ability under toughest conditions.
Engine: DEUTZ
Power: 111kw
Weight: 14000kg
Vibration Frequency:5/45Hz
Drum Width:2130 mm
Suitable for roads, parking lots, airports and other large engineering projects, can also be used for compaction of roadbed and sub-base material, wide application scope.
XD143 is designed for the compaction of asphalt pavement, asphalt layer of different materials and different thickness.
Control handle, display, etc. are arranged on the right side to broaden the front view.
Speed frequency management system guides the user to compaction operation.
The vibration drum realizes the center of four-in-one combination.
Engine Brand:SHANGCHAI
Static Linear Load:11000kg
Compaction Width:2365mm
Applicable for compacting operation of asphalt pavement, foundation layer, secondary foundation layer, dam and flling engineering. It is an ideal set of compacting equipment for building high grade highway, airport, port, dam and industrial construction site.
Adopt torque converter with continuously variable transmission as well as power shift transmission, and make roller have automatic adaptability, improving transmission stability in compaction, and guarantee the diesel engine to normally work under rated condition.
Dual-circuit brake technology has higher brake effect, fast response speed, short brake distance and higher reliability.
Front four and rear five tires layout is adopted. All tires are installed with scrapers for cleaning adhesive materials on the tire reads. The grounding specific pressure can be adjusted in the range of 200kPa ~ 470kPa, good compaction uniformity.
Power: 142kW
Used for ground leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removal for large areas such as highway,airports, farmlands etc.
Cummins Engine, ZF Technology Gearbox, and XCMG Drive Axle make the drive system power matching more reasonable and reliable.
Double-circuit hydraulic brake system makes the brake more reliable and stable.
Steering to the load sensing system, the main hydrauliccomponents adopt international support to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
The blade body adopts adjustable large chute and double slide mechanism, and the working blade adopts high-strength and wear-resistant material.
Rated production rate:120t/h
Mixing capacity:1750kg /batch
Total installed power:332kw
Used matching with thermal regeneration equipment and foam asphalt equipment, to fully meet the needs of grade highway, municipal roads, freight yard and other engineering.
Weichai turbocharged electronic injection diesel engine system, low emissions, low noise, low fuel consumption.
Sprinkler system: automatic/manual control mode, user-friendly control, high spraying precision. Sprinkling water pump has self-priming function, can be seamless connected to all kinds of water wheel wagon.
Milling system: the grain size of milling material can be adjusted according to the rotor speed and operating speed, so as to ensure the uniformity of material granularity, meeting the requirements of different grading.
Basic Pave Width:3-8m
Max. Paving Thickness:350mm
Rp803 paver is a kind of construction equipment used for various levels of road surface material paving work.
Driving left and right independent drive, microcomputer control, left andright input and output using ultrasonic sensor control technology. The levelingsystem uses electronic leveling technology.
The hydraulic telescoping screeduses single vibration, pulse vibration and electric heating technology toprotect the environment and improve the life of the screed bottom plate.
The use of advanced mature and reliableShangchai new generation of four-valve SC7H water-cooled engine, powerful power, low fuel consumption. Dividing blades use highly wear-resistant alloymaterial.
Milling Width:1000mm
Max. Milling Depth:180mm
Rated Power:162kW
Used for the digging and renovation of asphalt concrete pavements in highways, downtown roads, airports, cargo yards, and parking lots.
This engine can be used to effectively handle the working conditions with harder material and higher milling depth.
With the fuel consumption at 36.7L/h under rated power, this engine features lower fuel consumption and better operation economy.
The full-hydraulic four-wheel drive traveling system is applied to provide powerful traction force.
The 45m/min working speed is higher than the like products. Three working speeds are provided to achieve more accurate matching between working speed and working load.
Rated Power:447kw
Milling Width:2300mm
Working Speed:0~2.5km/h
XCMG XE150WB wheeled hydraulic excavator is powerful, flexible and exquisite enough to cope with a variety of working conditions.
The milling/mixing rotors are driven by a ,high-speed motor and a speed reducer. The metallic milling/mixing rotors adopt double helix structures, with reasonable arrangement of cutting tools and high milling and mixing accuracy.
The undercarriage system has two speed modes (high speed mode and low speed mode); it adopts dual full-bridge driver and four-wheeled walking mode. Its low-pres- sure wide-base big tread pattern tires have a good road holding capacity.
Automatic depth control: built- in sensor of hydraulic cylinder is used for detection, and milling depth can be displayed on display.
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