“Help with Love”- XCMG's household water cellar Phase IV has been put into use

2024-01-22 09:54:22

On April 28, 2023, XCMG Group's Africa Water Cellar Project (Phase IV) was launched in the Mingjar area of Amhara Prefecture, Ethiopia. After 9 months of intensive construction, 40 water cellars have been filled with rainwater, bringing unlimited green and beautiful power to 40 local households. In Ethiopia, XCMG has built 161 household water cellars and 20 school water purification systems, providing clean drinking water for over 10000 local people.

Lack of water has been a nightmare that the people of Amhara Oblast in Ethiopia have been haunting for generations, and it is also a profound memory engraved on this land. Local people can only hope to have access to clean drinking water every day. XCMG Group has made their dreams come true by continuously implementing the "African Water Cellar" project. "In the past, a small pond was the only source of water for over 7000 people, and being able to drink a mouthful of clean water was like a dream." Village chief Atuo was a beneficiary farmer of the water cellar and also participated in the coordination and implementation of the water cellar project throughout. From the initial bricklaying and foundation construction to the later construction of walls, roofs, and connecting rainwater collection pipes, the construction of each water cellar was personally led by Ethiopian water conservancy experts and participated by local villagers, bringing great confidence to the benefiting farmers. In the view of village chief Atuo, this is a project that witnesses the friendship between China and Ethiopia, a project where Chinese technology takes root in Ethiopia, and a project that can bring them new strength.

As the first Chinese enterprise to undertake a water cellar public welfare project in Ethiopia, XCMG has successfully explored a "hematopoietic poverty alleviation" Chinese solution in Africa, from home water cellars to school water purification systems, which has been highly praised and welcomed by the local government and people. The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture has issued a thank-you certificate to XCMG and included the African Water Cellar Project case in the 2016-2023 Ethiopian Chinese Enterprise Social Responsibility Typical Case Collection compiled by the Ethiopian Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Along the "the Belt and Road", major powers' heavy weapons are going global. At present, XCMG's product exports have covered more than 95% of countries and regions along the route. Going global not only involves products and services, but also brings responsibility and love to the local community. XCMG actively participates in various overseas public welfare projects, leaving behind many solid public welfare footprints.

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