Cummins Unveils New X10 Engine for 2026 Launch

2023-03-06 14:01:26


Cummins, a leading manufacturer of engines and power generation equipment, has recently announced that it will launch the next engine in its fuel-agnostic series. The new engine, called the X10, has been designed to help customers transition easily to alternative and low-carbon fuels. The X10 engine is positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 for medium- and heavy-duty applications across a 320- to 450-horsepower range. It will be available in North America in 2026, with other regions following later.


According to José Samperio, Cummins’ North America executive director of on-highway, the new X10 has been designed drawing on the company’s decades of experience as a leader in the medium- and heavy-duty space. Samperio added that the new X10 diesel will emit 75% less NOx emissions than required by the EPA’s 2027 regulation. Customers can opt to use bio or renewable diesel to further reduce emissions.


One of the key features of the X10 engine is its fuel-agnostic capability, which allows it to operate on various types of fuels, including hydrogen and biogas. The engine is equipped with Acumen, which provides digital connectivity and direct, immediate access to a range of applications and capabilities. These include over-the-air calibration, predictive service recommendation, and additional features that help fleets keep their trucks and equipment moving.


The X10 engine is suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles, from low-cab trucks for urban operations to those across the 26- to 44-ton GVW range focused on maximizing payload. The X10 design incorporates a similar fuel-agnostic capability to that of the X15, which is another engine in the series. The X10 engine will serve vocational, transit, pickup and delivery, and regional haul customers. It will also eventually be available for off-road applications.


Cummins says the X10 engine has a modular architecture for global applications, enabling it to be adapted to vehicle configurations, varying emission regulations, and customer preferences. The engine can be paired with a variety of transmissions depending on the application, including the Eaton Cummins Endurant.


The launch of the X10 engine is part of Cummins' commitment to promoting sustainable development in the construction industry. The company is actively developing and producing electric construction machinery, including electric excavators, to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and low-carbon equipment. Cummins is offering a full portfolio of products in 2026 to cover the medium-duty and heavy-duty customer needs, including the new 15-liter natural gas engine, the X15N. Additionally, the B6.7 will be offered in diesel, natural gas, gasoline, and propane.


In conclusion, the X10 engine represents an important step towards reducing emissions and promoting sustainability in the construction industry. Cummins has a long-standing commitment to advancing diesel technology while working towards zero-emission, all-electric, and fuel cell offerings. The launch of the X10 engine is just one example of how the company is continuing to innovate and improve its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the industry as a whole. With its fuel-agnostic capability and modular architecture, the X10 engine is well-positioned to serve a wide range of applications and customers across the globe.

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