Customer Feedback: I am willing to promote XCMG electric products!

2024-06-17 10:10:22

In a resounding endorsement, the head of Turkey's leading aggregate production company expressed his satisfaction with XCMG's electric products. "I am willing to endorse XCMG electric products and, in the future, to recommend them to more friends," he said. A long-standing and loyal customer, he has repeatedly purchased XCMG’s pure electric loaders, significantly advancing XCMG's reputation in the region. He embodies the spirit of a true XCMG "spokesman."

As environmental consciousness deepens globally, the construction sector faces growing scrutiny regarding its environmental footprint. There is a burgeoning demand for machinery that prioritizes energy efficiency, emission reduction, and eco-friendliness.

In response to these evolving needs, XCMG has unveiled its new energy loaders. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, XCMG has pioneered a comprehensive lineup of pure electric loaders, catering to a spectrum of applications from small to large tonnage. These loaders are versatile, finding applications in sand and gravel quarries, municipal projects, cement handling, and waste management. XCMG's efforts set a benchmark for sustainable development within the industry.

The Turkish customer’s acquisition of the XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader underscores the tangible benefits of this green innovation. This model offers significant cost savings, with each unit saving approximately $72,000 annually compared to its fuel-powered counterpart, delivering clear economic and environmental advantages to the customer.

The XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader boasts several standout features:

· EU CE Safety Certification: Meets rigorous European safety standards.

· Pure Electric and Zero Emission: Operates without emissions, contributing to cleaner air.

· Superior Cab Sealing: Protects operators from dust and maintains noise levels below 70dB, ensuring a healthier working environment.

· High-Efficiency Operation: Equipped with a 3.5m³ light material bucket for optimized performance.

· Long Operational Hours: Powered by a robust 350kW-h/423kW-h battery pack, ensuring sustained productivity.

As these innovative loaders are deployed and utilized locally, their efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendly attributes have garnered high praise from customers.

XCMG’s launch of the pure electric loader not only aligns with the market's demand for sustainable construction machinery but also exemplifies the innovative prowess and responsibility of China's construction machinery industry.

Looking ahead, XCMG plans to expand its portfolio of new energy equipment on a global scale. By engaging with customers through superior products and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, XCMG continues to fuel green progress and share its narrative of innovation and environmental stewardship.

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