XCMG Contributes to World-Class Engineering Marvel as Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link Set to Open Soon

2024-06-19 14:46:59

After 14 years of dedication and construction, the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor, a world-class cross-sea cluster project, has been successfully completed. On June 16th, the project passed its final handover and acceptance inspections, marking a significant milestone in modern engineering. This remarkable project, which showcases China's engineering prowess, saw significant contributions from XCMG, a leading machinery manufacturer.


Navigating Unprecedented Challenges


The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor stands out due to its extraordinary construction challenges. Positioned in a region where wind speeds can reach up to 40 meters per second, the project demanded robust solutions. XCMG’s rotary drilling rigs played a crucial role, particularly in handling geological obstacles such as 85-meter-deep boreholes with diameters of 3 meters and dense granite layers up to 28 meters thick. The XR550D rotary drilling rig from XCMG was a standout performer, equipped with dual operational modes tailored for both soil and rock layers. Its automatic rotary function and continuously adjustable speed enhanced operational efficiency, showcasing XCMG's technical expertise.


Concrete Solutions for Critical Construction


One of the project’s critical phases involved the filling of support beams for the weir section on the East Artificial Island. Here, XCMG’s V7 series concrete pump trucks were pivotal. Working tirelessly around the clock, these trucks ensured seamless concrete pumping, a task of immense precision and complexity. The high efficiency and reliability of the V7 series earned accolades from contractors, reinforcing XCMG’s reputation as a leader in construction machinery.


Precision in Paving


In the final stages, the paving of the tunnel pavement presented its own set of challenges. The task involved working within a nearly 6-kilometer tunnel characterized by high temperatures, humidity, and restricted ventilation. XCMG’s XD135TOSIV oscillating rollers were instrumental in this phase. Utilizing advanced oscillating compaction technology, these rollers ensured a smooth and even compaction, minimizing the impact on the delicate immersed tube tunnel structure.


With the project’s completion, the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor stands as a testament to modern engineering and the power of collaboration. As this engineering marvel opens to the public, XCMG’s contributions will continue to be a source of pride and a beacon of China’s national image in the field of large-scale construction.


Let's embark on this journey through the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor and witness firsthand the incredible achievements of XCMG and the global significance of this super project.

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