Do you know who is the best partner in mining construction?

2024-04-22 15:19:49

Right now, in a mining area in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, XCMG excavators partnering XCMG mining trucks are carrying out surface stripping and excavation loading of open pit lithium ore. Let's go into this important agricultural and mining products exporting country in Southern Africa, looking at the hardcore strength of the best partners.

Zimbabwe is located in southeastern Africa, fertile land, gold, platinum, diamonds, iron, lithium, chromium and other mineral resources are very rich, here is an important agricultural and mining products exporter in Southern Africa.

In recent years, XCMG has conducted in-depth research on Zimbabwe's mining market and successively developed customized models such as XE370CA, XE470D and XE500DK to meet the demands of the harsh working conditions of high dust and high strength in the mining area, and the stability, adaptability and fuel economy of the products have won the unanimous praise of local customers.

Mining Excavator - Moving Mountains and Dumping Mountains

Aiming at the heavy-duty working conditions of manganese, chromium, copper, lithium, gold and other mines in Africa, XCMG developed the XE500DK excavator according to the needs of application scenarios.

Equipped with international first-class engine, the equipment is well-equipped in high dust excavation and loading working conditions to cope with the special needs of mining customers for high output, high adaptability and low fuel consumption.

Meanwhile, equipped with a large bucket capacity of 3.1 square reinforced bucket, refueling pump, three-stage air intake filtration device, etc., XCMG XE500DK can meet the customer's requirements for production and fuel economy.

Mining Dump Truck - High Efficiency for Unimpeded Transportation

Customized XCMG XE370CA mining truck is also an outstanding mining star, equipped with 1.8m³ large bucket capacity rock hopper, refueling pump as well as oil bath filters, and partially optional cab protection mesh, which enables stable construction, safety and reliability under extremely complicated heavy-duty working conditions.

The outstanding performance of XCMG equipment makes the operator of Zimbabwe gold mine give a thumbs up:

“XCMG  excavators are very powerful and easy to use,even in hot and dusty construction environments. They are very suitable for mining small-scale gold mines!”

Continuously realizing sales breakthroughs, XCMG continues to help Zimbabwe's mining industry and make positive contributions to local economic construction.

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