XCMG DTH Drilling Rig Departs South America!

2024-04-17 16:37:09

Form an array and set off for South America! Recently, 10 XCMG XQZ152 DTH drilling rigs were delivered in bulk to assist in the construction of mines in South America. After Africa, Central Asia, and China and the United States, this is another overseas market breakthrough for XCMG DTH drilling rigs.

The heavy load and high strength of iron ore construction pose higher requirements for product technology and quality in the extreme construction environment.

The XCMG XQZ152 DTH drilling rig adopts an internationally first-class power system configuration, equipped with a primary air compressor and XCMG drilling expert system. It has strong power, high construction efficiency, and saves more than 15% of fuel consumption compared to traditional drilling rigs.

XCMG has successfully provided reliable, high-end, comfortable, and intelligent solutions for drilling construction in various open-pit mines and quarries both domestically and internationally. The XCMG series of DTH drilling rigs have high construction efficiency and excellent drilling results, making them a truly reputable product and a powerful tool for users in drilling, mining, and exploration.

After arriving at the African mine, the XCMG XQZ152 DTH drilling rig had an average daily footage of 426m, which increased efficiency by 31% compared to the same batch of products entering the site. The excellent quality of XCMG XQZ152 DTH drilling rig has opened the arms of African friends to welcome XCMG arrival.

In the mining industry, down the hole drilling rig is known as the “black technology of the drilling industry”, and its emergence has brought revolutionary changes to mining operations. Through continuous innovation, localized services, and cooperation with local partners, XCMG is continuously promoting more complete sets of equipment to enter the South American market, making positive contributions to the local economic development.

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