Three XCMG 20-ton Excavators, which one will you choose?

2024-04-15 17:57:03

The weather is getting warmer, and the engineering construction is also hot, in many engineering equipment, 20-ton excavator applies to many construction scenes, which can be used in municipal, farmland and so on. Today, introduces three XCMG 20-ton excavators to you, how will you choose?


When it comes to the foundation construction of 20-ton excavator, it is inevitable that the work of Taipan is inevitable. As the king of salesfor many years, XE200GH is the best choice for engineering bosses to make money. XE200GH is equipped with customized double-supercharged engine, which has fast response and good adaptability, and it can handle even highland construction with ease. The fully electronically controlled hydraulic system saves 5%-8% of the machine's fuel consumption, which not only controls the cost of bench work, but also makes the construction work more flexible and lightweight. In summary, it is fast, fuel-efficient, and excellent in control.

The project is often a whole day, XE200GH undercarriage is strengthened by X-frame optimization design, the chassis is more stable, the adaptability to working conditions is stronger, the boom and bucket are strengthened and upgraded, and the service life of the workpiece is more than 10,000h.


As the largest tonnage model among 20-ton excavators, XE245GH appears in almost all construction projects. XE245GH adopts industry-leading PIC intelligent control technology, which can realize precise matching between the power system and the hydraulic system, with strong power and full combat power.

The reinforced chassis is equipped with 1.4m³ reinforced bucket as standard and 1.5m³ earth-moving bucket as option. The digging power of such configuration is very strong, and the newly upgraded non-uniform large slewing bearing makes the loading and dumping more durable. The slewing torque is increased by 8%, which makes the slope operation more powerful. If you want to broaden the application field of the machine, you can also choose to install crushing pipe, crushing hammer, mechanical quick-change, hydraulic quick-change, rubber track block and so on. One machine is multi-functional, no matter how many working conditions, it is not afraid.


XE205GH is very popular among the bosses engaged in engineering industry. Since its launch, XE205GH has been a popular model. It is equipped with a six-cylinder engine with excellent power, fast speed in light load, fuel saving of 5%-8% in heavy load and high efficiency in heavy load, and with an intelligent control system, it can automatically recognize the loading conditions and improve the dynamic response rate. The whole body adopts full electronic control hydraulic system, which provides drivers with more comfortable and convenient control experience, while efficiency is improved, fuel consumption is also more friendly, and fuel consumption of single bucket is reduced by more than 10% compared with the same tonnage products.

In addition, XE205GH has the biggest advantage, with the support of DOC+DPF+SCR after-treatment route, it meets the National IV emission standard, has a long regeneration cycle, and saves 20% of urea. XE205GH has won the honor of “Annual Construction Machinery User's Word-of-Mouth Star Product”.

These three are all G series excavators, each one is a very high configuration excavator, no matter which one to choose will provide a lot of help for the customers project, XCMG excavator will be able to make the customers gold digging journey all the way to the rainbow!

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