How to Protect Your Excavators in Hot Summer

2023-05-17 08:39:56

Summer is coming and this kind of hot weather is a test for excavators and drivers. Excavators often have a variety of faults due to high temperature during operation. If the excavator driver can pay attention to the following points during the excavator work, the occurrence of excavator faults can be effectively reduced.

1. To prevent air resistance

The temperature is high in Summer, and the engine is difficult to dissipate heat due to its high speed, which is prone to driving air resistance, making it difficult to start the engine sometimes after a short stop for a few minutes. Once air resistance is found, the driver should immediately stop and cool down to eliminate the fault.

2. To prevent water shortage

When driving in high temperature weather, always pay attention to check the amount of cooling water and pay attention to the water temperature gauge. When it is found that there is a lack of water, it should be idling immediately to cool down and then add water, and be careful not to open the radiator cover immediately to prevent burns.

3. To prevent oil deterioration

The lubricating oil is easily heated and thinned, resulting in poor oxidation resistance, easy to deteriorate, and even causing failures such as burning paddles and shafts. Therefore, the crankcase and gearbox should be replaced with summer lubricating oil, the quantity and quality of the lubricating oil should be checked frequently, and replaced in time.

4. To clean the engine surface oil in time

Too thick oil sticking to the engine will affect the heat dissipation and cause hidden dangers to the failure of various components. The engine parts can be cleaned with a cleaning agent that does not corrode the body parts by high-pressure jetting.

5. To prevent water tank from overheating

In summer, the cooling water of the excavator evaporates and consumes quickly. It is necessary to add enough cooling water before driving, and check the water level frequently during work. For single-cylinder diesel engines without a water temperature gauge, always pay attention to the height of the red mark of the water tank float. If the float cannot be used normally, it should be repaired in time. If there is a phenomenon of boiling during work, do not directly add cooling water, but stop the work, slow down the generator, and then slowly add cooling water after the water temperature drops, so as to avoid cracks in the water tank when it is cold.

6. To guarantee the best oil supply time

In summer, the oil supply time of the excavator should be adjusted. If the oil supply is too early, the engine will make a sound of knocking on the cylinder, and sometimes there will be a reverse phenomenon; the oil supply time should not be too late, otherwise the engine will work weakly.

7. To choose lubricating oil with high viscosity

The high viscosity of lubricating oil can improve the performance of lubricating oil and increase the sealing performance. When changing the lubricating oil of the excavator, the oil filter, filter, and oil pan should be thoroughly cleaned. For a diesel engine equipped with a changeover switch, it should be turned to the "summer" position in summer, so that the oil can be cooled and then enter the main oil passage to prevent the viscosity of the lubricating oil from decreasing.

8. To use the battery correctly

In summer, part of the electrolyte in the excavator battery should be sucked out, and an appropriate amount of distilled water should be added to control the specific gravity of the electrolyte at about 1.25. The liquid level should be checked every 5-10 days, and distilled water should be added if it is insufficient. The battery should always maintain sufficient power. When the excavator does not work for a long time, the battery should be removed, placed in a ventilated and dry room, and charged every 15-20 days. In addition, keep the exterior of the battery clean.

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