XCMG’s Earth-moving Equipment Debuts at the UK Hillhead Exhibition!

2024-07-03 15:06:18

XCMG’s large-tonnage excavators and wheel loaders made their inaugural appearance at the 2024 Hillhead Exhibition in the UK, capturing the spotlight with their impressive operational efficiency. This dynamic duo, often referred to as the "golden pair," showcased exceptional performance and advanced technological capabilities, earning widespread acclaim from global clients.

Since its inception in 1982, the Hillhead Exhibition has become a pivotal platform for the quarrying, construction, and recycling industries worldwide. Now the largest event of its kind globally, Hillhead attracts over 600 exhibitors and thousands of industry professionals each year to its three-day event. A distinctive feature of the Hillhead Exhibition is its requirement for all participating machinery to be demonstrated in real-world working conditions, allowing attendees to experience the true capabilities of the equipment.

This year, XCMG brought nearly 20 of its latest high-performance products to the exhibition, including a full range of excavators from small to large sizes and medium to large-tonnage wheel loaders. These machines are meticulously designed and tailored for the European market, reflecting XCMG’s latest advancements in environmental sustainability and technological innovation.

“The debut at the UK Hillhead Exhibition marks a significant step in XCMG's global strategic expansion and is crucial for strengthening our interactions and collaborations with the European market,” said the Head of XCMG UK. “We will continue to enhance our relationships with European customers and partners, offering top-quality products and services to support the sustainable development of the global construction machinery industry.”


In recent years, XCMG has leveraged its global collaborative R&D network to focus on product innovation and development. In the UK and other European countries, XCMG has been expanding its channels and deepening its market presence, delivering highly localized and adaptable products to meet diverse customer needs.

XCMG’s participation in the Hillhead Exhibition underscores the company’s competitiveness and leadership in the international market, providing broader cooperation opportunities for European clients. Looking ahead, XCMG is committed to driving the growth of the global construction machinery sector, contributing its expertise and innovations to the industry.

XCMG’s presence at the UK Hillhead Exhibition highlights the company’s significant achievements in technological innovation and market expansion. With its highly efficient "golden pair"the large-tonnage excavators and wheel loadersXCMG continues to reinforce its leadership position in the global construction machinery arena.

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