XCMG's 4000-ton Crawler Crane Makes Debut in Offshore Wind Power Installation

2024-07-04 14:38:17

Recently, we witnessed a stunning engineering feat: XCMG's XGC88000, a 4000-ton crawler crane, successfully completed the installation of an 18MW offshore wind turbine. This successful operation not only showcased the outstanding manufacturing capabilities of China but also set two global records: the largest wind turbine diameter and highest single-machine power soon to be commercially deployed.

This 18-megawatt offshore wind turbine weighs nearly 800 tons, with the hub's center height reaching 145 meters and the blade tip soaring to 270 meters. At full wind speed, each rotation generates 44 degrees of electricity. One turbine can produce approximately 74 million kWh of clean energy annually, enough to power 40,000 households. Moreover, it can save about 25,000 tons of standard coal and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 60,000 tons annually, contributing significantly to environmental protection and sustainable development.


To meet the project's demands for extreme height, weight, and precision, XCMG employed the tower crane configuration of the XGC88000 crawler crane for the first time. This innovation not only marked a significant achievement for XCMG but also represented the first application of such a configuration in the global 4000-ton crawler crane industry. The installation of the world's longest 126-meter blades posed critical challenges during the entire lifting process. It resembled a high-altitude needle threading operation at nearly 150 meters, requiring precise insertion of over 170 bolts into corresponding hub holes. The presence of sea winds added complexity and difficulty, risking damage to the blades with even the slightest error.

Nevertheless, XCMG's XGC88000 crawler crane demonstrated stability and reliability throughout the operation. With the assistance of auxiliary cranes, the entire lifting process—from hoisting and rotation to alignment and positioning—proceeded smoothly and efficiently, earning unanimous praise from project owners and construction units.


XCMG's XGC88000 crawler crane has not only excelled in the installation of offshore wind turbines but has also undergone rigorous testing in some of the world's most demanding sectors, including petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear power, marine engineering, and wind power. It has continually pushed its own limits and achieved multiple milestones such as earliest deployment, widest application in projects, longest safety operation time, and highest cumulative lifting capacity, becoming a symbol of China's crane industry prowess.


Looking ahead, XCMG Group will continue to advance towards high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented, and international development. It will continue to contribute to global green energy transformation, walking hand in hand with the world to build a sustainable and green planet.

This successful debut in offshore wind power not only showcases XCMG's technological innovation but also serves as a powerful testament to China's manufacturing capabilities in the high-end market. XCMG is poised to continue writing a new chapter in Chinese industry.

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