XCMG Unmanned Equipment Debuts at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

2024-07-09 10:11:19

The unmanned excavator and loader, jointly developed by XCMG and NetEase, made a grand debut at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, becoming the standout stars of the immersive interaction at this year's event.

The most “down-to-earth” exhibit at this year's AI conference is undoubtedly the miniature unmanned excavator from XCMG. With a fully immersive experience, combining flight control handles and AR glasses, the audience can operate an excavator on-site as if playing a game, attracting many eager participants.


So, what are the exceptional features of these new-generation unmanned equipment? These two pieces of equipment boast advanced perception and modeling capabilities, allowing them to monitor obstacles in real-time and prevent vehicle overturns, ensuring the safety of both the machine and its surroundings. Additionally, they possess imitation learning and intelligent decision-making abilities, enabling them to replace operators in harsh environments with heavy dust, extreme cold, and low oxygen, thus performing high-intensity, high-risk tasks efficiently. Unmanned construction machinery can provide strong support for the progress of construction projects, helping reduce safety risks and save on construction costs. Currently, these unmanned products have been applied in various scenarios such as open-pit mining, road construction, and mixing stations.

Unmanned technology is the future trend of construction machinery, and XCMG is at the forefront of industry practice. In 2023, XCMG and NetEase formed a strong alliance, leveraging XCMG’s intelligent control platform to apply AI technology to construction machinery. They successfully transferred NetEase’s digital and AI capabilities accumulated in the gaming industry to products such as excavators and loaders. These "big guys" now have "big intelligence," equipped with remote control, cloud computing, and intelligent capabilities to achieve unmanned operation goals.


In 2024, XCMG and NetEase will further deepen their collaboration in the field of intelligent construction machinery. The two parties will jointly explore the frontier trends of intelligent construction machinery and develop customized unmanned fleet management systems for various construction scenarios, promoting the practical application of AI technology in more construction operations and more complex environments.


XCMG, together with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, welcomes new opportunities for the development of unmanned technology, opening the door to new productive forces.

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