XCMG Showcases Cutting-Edge Aerial Work Platforms in Netherlands and Secures Multiple Orders

2024-07-10 14:37:26

Recently, XCMG made an impressive appearance in the Dutch port city of Dordrecht, showcasing nearly 20 of their eye-catching and profitable aerial work products, including scissor lifts, straight boom lifts, and articulated boom lifts. The event resulted in several orders being placed on the spot.


The XCMG XGS28E, XGA12ACK, and XGS70K were particularly striking at the event. The test drive area featured a gravel road with slopes and potholes to simulate an unpaved construction environment, highlighting the reliability of XCMG equipment.

XGS28E Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform


The XGS28E straight boom aerial work platform boasts a maximum working height of 28.2 meters, a maximum load capacity of 460 kg, and a maximum climbing ability of 45%. This machine features a three-section telescopic boom with a tower boom mechanism and a small jib for obstacle clearance. It offers a large working range with a dual load control system that automatically adjusts the working range according to the load, making it ideal for various industries such as construction, bridges, steel structures, and both indoor and outdoor installations. It delivers powerful performance and high efficiency to meet the demands of heavy loads and large working areas.

XGA12ACK Articulated Boom Aerial Work Platform


The XGA12ACK articulated boom aerial work platform is an innovative electric self-propelled boom lift known for its superior performance, excellent efficiency, strong drive, and easy operation. It leads the industry in working height and range, meeting the needs of heavy loads and large working areas. With compact dimensions, it offers flexible extension, enabling vertical lift and horizontal extension with strong obstacle clearance capabilities.

XGS70K Ultra-High Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform


The XCMG XGS70K straight boom aerial work platform incorporates numerous cutting-edge technologies, achieving internationally leading operational parameters. Built on XCMG's "Lingyun" K series technology platform, which includes four core technologies and nine major innovations, and equipped with XCMG's unique pre-safety and safety function control technology, the XGS70K achieves the highest industry safety level of PLd. It effectively resolves the contradiction between safety and operational efficiency in the high-altitude machine industry, breaking the industry safety standard ceiling.

With a maximum working height of 69.6 meters and a maximum outreach of 32.5 meters, it meets the high-altitude and heavy-load requirements of industries such as large venues, petrochemicals, airports, and bridges, filling the gap in the domestic market for ultra-large mobile lifting platforms. Its outstanding lifting capability and stability captured the attention of attendees, who marveled at the "overlooking everything" and "towering into the clouds" experience. Test drivers praised the product's high stability when elevated to its maximum height.

At the event, XCMG not only secured orders but also demonstrated their leading position and excellent service in the European aerial work platform market through technical presentations. This showcase undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation between XCMG and European customers in the future.

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