XE215C- Super Skills Hard Power!

2024-02-01 16:54:57


High-end configuration, excellent performance

XE215C adopts a new generation of green and environmentally friendly engine, which combines excellent environmental performance with strong power and low fuel consumption design, which greatly reduces operating costs. The fuel consumption of the whole machine is reduced by less than 10% compared with the previous generation machine.


The XE215CA NEW series independently developed an intelligent learning control system, with effective and reasonable matching, which greatly reduces the resistance of the hydraulic oil return system. The operating efficiency is as high as more than 15% (compared with the old model XE215C), achieving the earthmoving operation efficiency of similar models. Highest.


High-quality driving enjoyment

XE215C has a new injection molded cab, advanced ergonomic design and ample space provide the operator with the best working environment.

Standard double-layer glass and liquid-sealed anti-shock rubber reduce noise to a minimum (reducing 6DB), effectively reducing driver fatigue. The air supply volume of the new air conditioning system is increased by 23%, the cooling and heating effects are better, and the operation is more comfortable and comfortable.


Strong, efficient and durable

Finite element analysis of structural parts and the use of reinforced working devices have greatly improved reliability, durability and adaptability to multiple working conditions. The standard equipped enhanced bucket with the largest bucket capacity of similar models has greatly improved the efficiency of the entire machine. At the same time Optimize the mass distribution of the whole machine and achieve excellent stability. The new butter pool structure strongly ensures the lubrication environment of the slewing mechanism, greatly extending the life of the slewing mechanism; the enlarged slewing support and chassis system make the whole machine more adaptable to mining conditions and have a longer service life.


Convenient maintenance

Daily maintenance points are within easy reach. Whether it is fuel, oil filter, etc., they can be directly maintained on the ground. The operation is simple and easy, effectively achieving efficient maintenance operations.


Construction Cases

XCMG XE215C supports the construction of Pakistan’s largest hydropower project, the Dasu Hydropower Station. The Dasu Hydropower Station is the world's tallest RCC curved gravity dam. It is also one of the engineering projects with the largest total investment and the most technical difficulty in Pakistan. The geological conditions of the plateau are complex, and natural disasters such as rockfalls and landslides occur frequently. The daytime temperature is as high as 55°C, making the construction environment harsh. In view of the special local working conditions, XCMG has made customized improvements to its products: it is equipped with a new rock bucket, and the boom and stick are simulated and analyzed through CAE simulation data. The working device is more durable and the operation efficiency is higher; customized air conditioning system, High-strength closed cab structure and special shock absorbers ensure a safe and comfortable driving environment. 

In response to the local high temperature of 55°C, the hydraulic system and components were upgraded, and the heat dissipation system was optimized. The equipment performance is even better in high-temperature environments, and the efficiency is increased by 7%. SAILIM ASAD, the person in charge of construction, praised: "The quality of XCMG excavators is stable and reliable, and the service is timely and efficient, no less than European and American brands!"

After the completion of the Dasu Hydropower Station, it will effectively alleviate Pakistan's power shortage problem and improve Pakistan's energy structure. With strong product competitiveness and a sound service guarantee system, XCMG will continue to escort project construction.

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