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Tractor Truck
Left/Right Driving: LHD/RHD
GCW: 42-90T
Advantages: Environmental protection, reliable safety, durability, maneuverability and power performance, comfortable
Application: XCMG Heavy Truck is mainly suitable for long-haul high-speed logistics,can be widely used to transport daily industrial
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Dump Truck
Left/Right Driving: LHD/RHD
GCW: 25-65T
Advantages: It has the obvious advantages of high bearing capacity, high reliability, high safety and high economy.
Application: XCMG dump truck is designed for sand, stone, ore, ore powder, iron powder, construction slag and other different loads.
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Off-Road Dump Trucks
Left/Right Driving: LHD/RHD
GCW: 48-90T
Advantages: Using the unique steering follower, the steering mechanism. Steering light, the failure rate lower.
Dual-circuit brake equipped with high pressure geography accumulator volume increases, the brake pressure increasing 25% to 1 Mpa, shorten braking distance.
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Rated Loading Capacity: 1.5 t-7T
Rated Lift Height: 3m(Optional 4.5m/ 4.7m)
Total Weight: 2.6 t-9.4T
Power Type: Diesel/Electric
Advantages: High production efficiency, low operating cost, safe and reliable operation, make full use of space, small loss of goods, reduce labor intensity and shorten working hours.
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Pallet Truck
Rated Loading Capacity: 1.5-3T
Total Weight: 2.6-9.4T
Warranty: Diesel/Electric
Application: The pallet truck adopts the electric control system, which can be operated without manpower.It is flexible in operation, safe and reliable in structure, and can adapt to a variety of workplaces.
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Scissor Aerial Working Platform
Weight: 1.5-3.5T
Max. Lifting Height: 6-16m
Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric/Hydraulic
Lift Mechanism: Scissor Lift
Advantages: Effective and energy-saving electric-drive system features zero emission and low noise, together with the traceless tires, enabling this machine easily to work in enclosed environments.
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Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Platform
Weight: 6.9-17.8T
Max Lifting Height: 22-58m
Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric Motor
Lift Mechanism: Articulated Lift
Advantages: Intelligent and perfect control system features the humanized layout, the maintenance-free design and easy use and maintenance, providing the multiple options and comprehensive safety.
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Telescopic Boom Loader Crane
Rated Loading Capacity: 5-12T
Max. Lifting Height: 12-50m
weight: 2.2-4.4T
Advantages: Advanced R & D and analysis means to ensure design reliability.
The unique floating three-point bridge structure design, effectively reduce the vehicle running when the chassis beam bear the additional force.
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Kuckle Boom Loader Crane
Rated Loading Capacity: 3.2-16T
Max. Lifting Height: 9.42-50m
weight: 1-5T
Advantages: Realization of the bilateral handle synchronous and driving throttle acceleration and deceleration automatically
prevent crane damage accident caused by hoist swing to enhance the safety of driving.
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