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XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

  • XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale
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XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale



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  • Summary
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  • Model Number:RT90U
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Certification:ISO9001
  • Product Name:G5ACADA2D1182B
  • Display online time:2019-11-05
  • weight:127866.000kg
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Condition:NEW
  • Moving Type:wheel

XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for saleXCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

RT90U Rough Terrain Crane

1、Specialized energy-saving hydraulic system.

2、Due to powerful power configuration, specific off-road tires and all-wheel drive, the crane can easily handle various tough terrains.

3、The crane is designed by conforming with the safety standards of Europe, North America and China, for optimal active protection.

4、Developed jointly by Chinese and German engineers, with advanced design concept.

5、Accumulation of experience in boom crane design for 70 years.

6、Top class modern plate machining center, and first class NC machining center. 

XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for saleXCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

Technical specifications

Structural members

Made of high strength fine grained steel, welded torsion-resistant frame type construction with large cross-section, high load-bearing capacity.


Ibase boom and 4 telescoping boom sections, quadrilateral cross section welding structure. Double-cylinder plus ropes telescoping mechanism is for synchronous plus sequential telescoping. 7 pulleys on boom head are standard Boom length:39.03ft~ 150.88ft.


4 outriggers, H-shape arranged, which are located at both sides of chassis frame, controlled by hydraulic valves and the cylinders are controlled by electric signals. Front and rear towing eyes are available.

Operator's cab

Integrated design, appearance is simple and artistic. It is all-weather and equipped with large arc glass, which has a wide vision, as well as spacious and comfortable due to ergonomic inner design.


QSL, in line six-cylinder water-cooled compression ignition diesel engine, manufactured by Cummins, US, off-road U.S. EPATier 3/EU Stage IIIA emission standards, rated power is 280bhp//21 OOrpm, max. torque is 1050ft lb/1500rpm. Or oflf^road U.S. EPA Tier 4 U Stage IVemission standards.

rated power is 285bhp//2000rpm, max. torque isl069ft-lb/1400rpm.

Fuel tank capacity : Approx. 79.2gal.


Hydraulic balance valve, Hydraulic relief valve,

Hydraulic double-way valve.

Lowering limiter is equipped in winch to prevent rope over-releasing. Anti-two block is fitted on the boom head to prevent rope over-winding.

Hydraulic system

The constant power variable displacement pump is used for controlling the movements of crane.

Oil tank capacity: Approx, 237.6gal.


Total weight is 220461b.

3 counterweight combinations of 01b, 110231b and 220461b are available.

Operating mode

Electric controlled pilot operation system is equipped with two electric proportional control levers controlling the main movements of the crane.

Electrical system

DC 24 V, two batteries in series.


6WG210, German ZF automatic transmission,


90t hook block, seven sheaves, double hook.


German KESSLER axles with great load bearing capacity. Both front and rear axles are drive axles for steering.

Additional equipment


Front axle is rigidly connected to the frame. The rear axle is attached to the swing-type hydraulic suspension, which may be rigidly locked. During highway driving operation, shock absorption fiinction is activated, which buffers the road shock. When driving with a suspended load, rear suspension cylinder is locked to rigid state to meet operation requirements.

Auxiliary which system

Driven by a hydraulic motor, with build-in

planetary gear reducer, constant closed brake and rotation resistant wire rope equipped.


4 tires, each axle is equipped with single tire, load bearing capacity is great.

Tire specifications:29.5 R 29.


2-section,lattice and box welding structure, with 0° , 15° and 30° jib offset angles available. Jib. length:34.44ft~ 57.4ft


Full hydraulic electro-proportional multimode steering: front axle independent steering mode, tight-turning radius mode, crab walk mode and rear axle independent steering mode.

Air conditioner

Equipped in the cab, so as to improve the

comfort for operator.


Service brake: double-circuit hydraulic disc brake, acting on all wheels. Self-braking works in case the pressure in the braking system becomes too low.

Parking brake: spring-loaded, hydraulic- released independent disc brake, acting on the front axle.


55USthook block, four sheaves, single hook. 66USt hook block, the max. parts of line is 1.

Main winch system

Driven by hydraulic motor, with built-inplanetary gear reducer, constant-closed brake and anti-coiling wire rope equipped.

It has features of high speed with a light load and low speed with a heavy load.

Differential locks of front and rear axles

With these differential locks fitted, pass ability

may be improved in case of slipping whendriving on difficult roads or single-side tires

slipping due to partly suspended drive wheels.

Slewing system

Single-row, four-point contact-ball slewing bearing, driven by hydraulic motor, with built-in planetary gear reducer and constant-closed brake equipped, and may continuously slew 360°.

Product parts list is as mentioned above, please refer to the product quotation for specific parts.






Total weight





Hook block

No.of sheaves




Double hook

Working speeds


29.5R 29



Mechanisms for operation

Working speeds

0-410.19   ft/min, no load, 4th layer,

0-410.19   ft/min, no load, 4th layer

0-1.8     r/min

Approx. 85s for boom elevation from -1.5° to 80°

Approx. 152s for boom extension from 39.03 to 150.88ft


XCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for saleXCMG Official RT90U Rough Terrain Crane for sale

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